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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Rainbow Gardens is a family owned and operated business since 1967, while specializing in wedding receptions and events since 1990.

With more than 25 years in Las Vegas, Nevada our experienced and knowledgeable staff have performed thousands of successful and memorable events for our clients.

Rainbow Gardens, steadily strives to exceed the expectations of both guests and hosts on a consistent basis. We appreciate and listen to all thoughts and suggestions in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Posted below are just a few of our reviews we would like to share with you. In addition, feel free to look us up on two of the most respected wedding review sites in the industry:

The Rainbow Gardens family and staff passionately strive to provide the best event each and every day!

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From Past Clients

Very professional and attentive.

Everyone was professional and did everything that Karen and I asked for.

I had the pleasure to attend a wedding when I visited the location which made me want to hire this Venus for my wedding n my personal... read full review

Rainbow Gardens
"Here is just one of our 5 star reviews"
Lynsee , married on 02/03/2019

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Go here first! You won't go anywhere else!

My husband and I were married in the Garden Room (better known as the "Wow" room) at Rainbow Gardens on February 3, 2019. Our journey to this perfect day began in February 2018 when we set out one Saturday morning with a short list of 9 local venues that we wanted to look at in person after eliminating dozens of others through online searches. Rainbow Gardens was 4th on our list but the moment we arrived it also became the last as we knew immediately that we'd found exactly what we were looking for. I was sure, after seeing the gorgeous water falls, beautiful reception areas, and stunning natural backdrops that it would be out of our price range but it was one of the most affordable and flexible locations that we considered. We met in a video game online so we wanted to do a themed wedding with lots of little bells and whistles like health and mana potions, a pre-ceremony quest, and themed table games and Rainbow Gardens supported everything we threw at them. KellyAnn was our coordinator and we immediately fell head over heels for her! She has so much talent and skill that it's like she was born for wedding planning! Her personality is electric and magnetic and it's just impossible not to love her. She had suggestions here and there that fell right in sync with our vision and added little touches of wow that our guests are still talking about! On the day of the wedding she handled everything and I honestly spent most of the day relaxing in the bride's dressing room playing games on my iPad. I really thought I would be more stressed but she took care of everything before I could think to stress about it! The venue is breath taking - trust me when I say pictures don't do it justice. Every last guest at our wedding stopped as they entered the garden room and breathed "wow" (hence the nickname of the "wow" room - you seriously just can't help yourself!). The venue included food which was delicious (my aunt won't stop asking for the recipe for the tomatoes), the servers were professional and classy and made the reception feel very posh and fancy! The linens and centerpieces were included, the cake (which was fully custom, absolutely beautiful, and super delicious) was included, the DJ (who did a fantastic job) was included, even the officiant (who didn't bat an eyelash at doing a completely pagan handfasting service with zero religion) was included. It was one-stop shopping for wedding services but none of the quality or care was sacrificed in exchange for convenience. Every vendor that Rainbow Gardens uses is every bit as committed to the same level of personal detail and treating every couple like the only couple as Rainbow Gardens is themselves.

Rainbow Gardens
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